WSCA Environmental Communication Interest Group

Members of the Environmental Communication Interest Group of the Western States Communication Association (WSCA) believe there are significant environmental issues impacting the western states and that WSCA provides and important venue for significant dialogue and meaningful connections relevant to creating interconnected environmental ethics. In the paragraphs below we articulate the nature and scope of environmental communication so you can gain a better understanding of who we are as a group.

Environmental communication (EC) is the study of how individuals, organizations, and cultures communicate about the natural world. Interpersonal conversation, mass media news, popular culture, advertising, political actions, corporate communication, recreation, and consumer behavior are just some of the ways that people communicate and express their relationships (or lack thereof) with the environment. Like other Communication scholars, EC scholars attempt to better understand relationships between the symbolic and the material consequences of human communication practices on the other-than-human world.

EC is uniquely positioned to link scholars in other interest areas within communication, such as health, intercultural, organizational, rhetoric and public address, performance, ORWAC and media studies. Arguably, scholarly conversation across these areas is crucial for the advancement and coherence of the discipline as a whole. Indeed, it will take the input and actions of a variety of scholars, form a multitude of perspectives, if we are to work to solve the current environmental crisis.

It is also our hope that the EC interest group will work to incorporate the diversity of our field with other non-academic communities of the western states to further a dialogue working to generate an environmental ethic of sustainability. In this way, we are open to alternative panels that incorporate scholars from other disciplines (e.g., Human Dimensions of Natural Resources, Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences) as well individuals working for environmental organizations at the local, state, and federal levels.

In short, the Environmental Communication Interest Group is interested in a multiperspectival approach to the environment. If you have questions about whether your work "fits" please contact any of the EC officers listed below. We look forward to the upcoming conversations, connections, and dialogues in the future.

Chair: Julie Kalil Schutten,, Northern Arizona University

Chair Elect: Stacey Sowards,, University of Texas El Paso

Secretary: Danielle Endres,, University of Utah

Immediate Past Chair: Todd Norton,, Washington State U.

ECWSCA listerv. The ECWSCA listserv is used for information regarding the EC division (call for papers, conference information, etc). To join the ECWSCA listserv, please send an email to Danielle Endres ( with the email address at which you would like to receive messages.

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