Webinar Series

The IECA Webinar series "Sounds like Sustainability ...“ aims to provide practitioners, scholars and other interested folks the chance to learn about and discuss key topics in the practice of environmental and sustainability communication. 

Sounds Like Sustainability #4 - John Dahlsen - July 20, 2022

A conversation about sustainability with John Dahlsen, Environmental Artist and abstract painter

Sounds Like Sustainability #3 - Suzi Clark - June 7, 2022

A conversation about sustainability with Suzi Clark, Researcher / Climate Change Adaptation & Science Communication.

Sounds Like Sustainability #2 - Margot McMahon - May 5, 2022

A conversation about sustainability with Margot McMahon, artist and sculpturist.

Sounds Like Sustainability #1 - Ray Mahar - April 28, 2022

A conversation about sustainability with Dr. Ray Mahar, Centre for Policy Futures, The University of Queensland.

Green Celebrities ~ December 15, 2016

Please join us in launching the IECA webinar series on the 15th of December at 17:00 (CET) (11:00 EST for the US). This free webinar will focus on the issue of Green Celebrities.

In the past decade environmental NGOs have increasingly tried to raise their profiles amidst frenetic global mediascapes, the growth of consumer culture and the continued mainstreaming of ecological issues (sustainable or not), and the celebritisation of politics. One popular strategy civil society organizations employed, has been to engage influencers and celebrities of different standing, that support green issues and/or lifestyles. How effective are these strategies? Do they support or cannibalize public perception of the organizations involved.