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TheIECA Google Group & Mailing List

The IECA runs a Google group and mailing list (like a LISTSERV) that anyone can ask to join.

However, only paid members of The IECA may post to the list.

New IECA Members will be added to the list. If you are a member and you think you are NOT on the list, please LOGIN, then submit this form. If you are not already on the list, we will add you as soon as we get the chance.

Former members please LOGIN, then submit this form. If you are not already on the list, we will add you as soon as we get the chance.

Non-members please submit this form using your real name and other details. Don't worry, we won't share your information. Within a day you should get an invitation from the Google system. You will have to respond to the invitation to complete the process of joining the group. Sorry for the inconvenience, but it does prevent someone from adding you to the list without your permission.

Once you are a member of the list, you will be able to interact with it using email. To post to the list by email (IECA members only) send your message to: theieca at googlegroups dot com

If you want to be able to login to Google and browse the list as a forum, then you will have to use a Gmail address (or other address that you can login to Google with) to sign up. Without a Gmail (or other Google login) address connected to the group, you will NOT be able to login to Google and see the group.

IECA members, if you have trouble posting, please just let us know using the contact form.

We hope you find the service useful.

Please note that there is no integration between your account on the IECA website and your Google account or groups subscription. If you need to update your email address, you must do it separately in each account.

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