Master of Environmental Management

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University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia
Department or unit: 
Environment & Society Group
Degree type(s): 
Degree(s) offered: 
MA, Graduate Diploma, Graduate Certificate (PhDs also can be pursued with the UNSW Environment & Society Group)
Program description: 

The Master of Environmental Management (MEM) program, convened by environmental communication scholar Tema Milstein in the Environment & Society Group at Sydney’s University of New South Wales (one of Australia’s Group of 8 Leading Universities), focuses on fostering regenerative change-makers in environment and society. The UNSW MEM program engages learners in the social, cultural, and political dimensions of environmental issues, and bridges the social sciences, humanities, natural and physical sciences, creative arts, and community and place-based approaches. The experience of moving among diverse knowledge systems empowers graduates to communicate complex ideas, to nurture personal and collective societal capacities to rethink and reshape the world, and to partner with others in reparative ways. In 2021, the program, one of the longest running in Australia, launches 17 new or updated classes/courses. Students also have their choice of doing independent mentored research projects, internships and professional projects, and an array of electives from across the university.

The UNSW campus is located a short walk to Sydney’s beautiful coast (with beaches, ocean pools, and coastal walks) and a light rail ride to downtown and the Sydney Opera House. Diverse Australian and international students are drawn to the program. In addition to the master’s degree, students may earn a graduate diploma or graduate certificate that can articulate into the master’s. (Separately, students who do a PhD can audit MEM courses.) With its flexible format, the MEM program is suitable for both environmental specialists and newcomers seeking to develop the expertise and courage needed to be leaders in environment and society healing and flourishing.

UNSW MEM program classes/courses to choose from include the following (as well as dozens of campus-wide electives not listed here):

  • Environmental communication: Discourse & ecocultural meaning systems
  • Political ecology: Sustainable development & justice
  • Environmental participation: Publics & the power to change
  • Climate crisis & action
  • Corporations, capitalism, & transforming environments
  • Living cities: Promises & risks of urban environments
  • Engaging Science for Environmental Leadership
  • Demystifying environmental law: From regulation to rights of nature
  • Environmental technologies: Challenges & opportunities
  • Indigenous knowledge partnerships in Conservation & Caring for Country (field course)
  • Restorative ecologies: Permaculture principles & practice (field course)
  • Large-scale conservation in practice (field course)
  • Locating ecocultural identities/spaces/places (field course)
  • Remaking worlds: Creative & critical paradigm shifts in environment & society
  • Frameworks of environmental relations & leadership (core course)
  • Rethinking environment: Sociocultural theory (core course)
  • Addressing environmental issues: Pathways to change-making (core course)

Applications for enrollment, starting either Term 1 (with classes beginning mid-February) or Term 3 (beginning mid-September), are being accepted now. For more information, please visit the UNSW MEM web page and the UNSW Environment & Society Group’s web page.