PhD Scholarship in Communication, Environment and Sports Media

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PhD Scholarship in Communication, Environment and Sports Media
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Monash University
Melbourne, Australia
March 26, 2021



This PhD scholarship is an important part of an Australian Research Council funded project conducted by Professor Brett Hutchins (Professor of Media and Communications Studies and Head of the School of Media, Film & Journalism at Monash University), Professor Libby Lester (Director of the Institute for Social Change and Professor of Media at the University of Tasmania) and Professor Toby Miller (Professor of Cultural Policy Studies at Murdoch University).

The successful applicant will join this outstanding international research team and contribute to the overall project, which investigates the popular communication of environmental messages and polices. The successful applicant will join the research team and contribute to the wider project by undertaking their own distinct PhD project.

The details of the PhD project are open to negotiation, but the candidate will undertake a comprehensive analysis of the communication of environmental and sustainability issues, with a particular focus on Australian and/or global sports media. Possible projects include, but are not limited to:

Technology, innovation and environmental performance: Formula One (or Formula E) motor racing and grand prix as both environmental problem and source of innovation in carbon emissions reduction strategies.

Policy communication and global change: the creation, promotion and impact of the UN Sport for Climate Action Framework.

Global mega-events and the ‘social licence to play’: the sustainability programs and/or legacies of the FIFA World Cup (men’s and women’s), including preparations for the Australian/New Zealand 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

Greenwashing and sport: professional sport events, tournaments and leagues as sites for greenwashing by the fossil fuels industries.

Environmental change and localised action: sport, leisure and recreation in local communities as drivers of, and barriers to, environmental awareness and action (e.g. cricket clubs and extreme heat, surfing and coastal communities, amongst a range of potential sports and sites).

Stadiums and sustainability: the role of major stadiums as media platforms for the communication of sustainability messages and infrastructures for the implementation of sustainability programs.