Media and Social Media analyst

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Media and Social Media analyst
Job Type: 
Greenpeace International
Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa
November 26, 2017


Department: Global Engagement Department

Term: 9 Month Fixed Term ; 32 Hours per week

Purpose and Summary:

Greenpeace International is looking for a freelance Media and Social Media analyst to support the work of the global Insights Team in development of monitoring, listening and impact analysis capabilities of our global campaign work. This position is one of two hires where we are seeking a complementary mix of skills listed below. In this role you will help improve how Greenpeace tracks and collects media data across multiple online platforms, conduct advanced analysis and produce actionable information to inform specific campaign needs and help build our organizational capacities through the creation of standards, process and staff development.

The Insights team is a globally distributed with members working remotely or in Greenpeace offices across Europe, Asia and the Americas. We welcome applicants from any region, but will favour individuals working from timezones where standard working hours strongly overlap with our Communications Hubs (Vancouver, Hong Kong and Amsterdam). Applicants must be willing to work flexible hours.

1) Develop and Conduct Global Media Monitoring and Analysis

Work closely with our Global Campaign Leaders & the Communication Hubs to create monitoring strategies to cover our priority global topics. Disseminate findings through dashboards, presentations and reports to the global organization and use these to leverage more advanced analysis techniques

  • Issue Monitoring - Track our key campaign topics and related issues.
  • Brand Monitoring - Track and follow conversations about Greenpeace
  • Monitoring for Opportunities - Work closely with the Communications Hubs to set up and monitor topics and identify media audiences looking for new and responsive campaign opportunities or moments of disruption to amplify media engagement.
  • Media Audience Segmentation - Support developing effective audience segmentation through media list building in alignment with other audience segmentation approaches used in the organization.
  • Qualitative Media Analysis - In collaboration with the Research Manager, conduct qualitative media analysis
  • Experiment with developing analysis techniques such as: Sentiment Analysis, natural language processing, social network analysis and graph analysis, text and keyword analysis.

2) Support campaign projects and ‘critical incidents’ in effective Media Monitoring and Analysis

  • Work in conjunction with Project Teams to develop a comprehensive understanding of emerging issues to track
  • Work in conjunction with the Critical Incident Management Team (CIMT) to monitor and analyze emerging conflict and crisis situations.
  • Support the setup and maintain complex boolean queries, reports and dashboards
  • Provide ad-hoc analysis and recommendations for the project team</p>
  • Support developing an integrated evaluation framework that will guide teams throughthe process from aligning objectives to establishing a plan, setting targets and then measuring the outputs, outtakes, outcomes and impact of the project.

3) Support Capacity and Skills Development of Greenpeace Staff

  • Work to improve our staff understanding of media monitoring and analysis through case studies, trainings, 1on1 coaching and working directly with project teams.
  • Provide monthly online trainings to build skills in national and regional offices.
  • Develop documentation for trainings, white papers and workshops.
  • Contribute to the development of monitoring and analysis standards for the global organization.

4) Exploration and Learning

  • A significant component of this role is to provide testing and trialling of different Analysis and listening approaches to help identify and define practices and protocols that are most effective for Greenpeace. This role will have a strong focus on learning, seeking frequent and diverse feedback.

Skills and Qualifications

  • At least 3 Years experience in a relevant fields including: working in media analysis and evaluation, an academic background (eg. journalism, media studies), or as part of a campaign team with a strong focus on analytics
  • Professional understanding of media monitoring (eg. boolean search construction) best practices, including qualitative media analysis
  • Desirable to have good understanding of national media landscapes in a variety of regions, preferably North America, Europe, East Asia and/or Africa.
  • Desirable experience with our tool stack (Talkwalker [online monitoring], Hootsuite [social media management], Google Analytics,, Data Studio) and/or equivalent products
  • Desirable to have experience with network analysis using applications like Gephi to analyze online news or social media.
  • Desirable to have programming skills in Python or R
  • Experience in working effectively to very tight deadlines and under stressful conditions.
  • Fluent written and spoken English.

To Apply, send your letter and CV to