Professor in Environmental Communication

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Professor in Environmental Communication
Job Type: 
Division of Environmental Communication, Dept. of Urban and Rural Development, SLU (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences)
Uppsala, Sweden
October 13, 2017


Professor in Environmental Communication

The Department of Urban and Rural Development at SLU offers a strong social science research environment with its foundations in the research subjects environmental communication, rural development, landscape architecture and agrarian history. We are now seeking to recruit a professor and research leader to the Division of Environmental Communication. Environmental Communication is a subject within which we investigate the communicative aspects of environmental and sustainability issues. Here, communication is considered as co-construction of meaning rather than the transmitting of information. The Division for Environmental Communication conducts primarily qualitative social science research concerned with themes such as legitimacy, participation, power, resistance, conflict and learning in decision making, implementation and change processes from a communicative perspective. The research spans over a wide range of contexts such as nature conservation, forestry, food production, climate change, game management, mining and built environment. An important goal is that the research contributes to sustainable development and social change.

Subject area:

The subject area of the position covers communication in environmental and sustainability issues, with a focus on communication as co-construction of meaning, based on social science methodology.


The holder of this position is expected to:

  • develop and lead a strong research environment with internationally recognized and successful research in environmental communication
  • actively participate in teaching at undergraduate, master and doctorate levels
  • actively participate in PhD training and supervising PhD students
  • actively collaborate with other research groups within the Department and other departments within SLU in order to strengthen interdisciplinary research at the university
  • develop and maintain national and international networks and collaborations with academics, relevant agencies and organisations as well as other societal actors.
  • actively generate external research funding from national and international sources
  • actively disseminate research findings and contribute with relevant knowledge to society.