Science Communication Researchers (open rank)

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Science Communication Researchers (open rank)
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Penn State College of Communications
State College, University Park, PA, USA
October 31, 2016


The Penn State College of Communications is expanding its programs in science communication and seeks 1 or 2 scholars with proven experience and/or strong demonstrated capability to build collaborative research teams focused on the science of strategic science communication (both positions open rank). The College is a national leader in undergraduate and graduate communication education, and in theory-driven research faculty productivity. In addition to our completely renovated Media Effects Research Lab, the College provides faculty with graduate student support and numerous opportunities for internal and external funding. More broadly, Penn State is a world leader in multiple disciplines now at the center of urgent public communications and policy discussions—energy, agricultural biotechnology, engineering, medicine and climatology, to name just a few. Building and supporting collaborative research teams with strong social science components is a top priority for the University, and the College of Communications is uniquely positioned to play a central role in these initiatives. Preferred candidates will teach in the areas of advertising and public relations and have demonstrated ability and commitment to collaborate in multi-disciplinary research and grant opportunities across the University. Contact Dr. Lee Ahern, Director of the College’s Science Communication Program, at