IECA Filmography Manager

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IECA Filmography Manager
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The International Environmental Communication Association


We are seeking at least one volunteer to oversee the editing and expansion of The IECA's Database of Nature and Environmental Films.

The database is a resource available to members of The IECA and the Filmography Manager would be responsible for its upkeep and growth on an ongoing basis. This position is for someone who is knowledgeable about nature and environmentally-themed films. No special technical skill is needed to work with the database.

The Filmography Manager will add new films to the database, including the latest documentaries and feature films that deal with nature and environmental affairs. The Manager will also ensure that existing filmography entries are accurate and updated as need be. Part of the job involves writing pithy summaries of the films. You will also have the opportunity to blog about environmental and nature films on The IECA web site.

You can work from anywhere as long as you are able to login to the IECA web site. You should love films, be knowledgeable about them and be up to date on the latest nature and environmentally-themed offerings. You should be able to write well in English.

In return for your active service as Filmography Manager, we can provide a complimentary membership in The IECA. This is an ideal opportunity for a graduate student in environmental communication, but could be done by anyone with the interest. We can also structure this as an internship if you like.

If you would like to take on this responsibility or wish to discuss it, please contact IECA Executive Director Mark Meisner: mark at theieca dot org