Assistant Project Scientist

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Assistant Project Scientist
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Sierra Nevada Researchers Institute, University Of California, Merced
Merced, California, USA
August 25, 2014


The Assistant Project Scientist will work with the Sierra Nevada Researchers Institute researchers on projects in the area of climate communications, including the communication of issues related to climate change and variability, such as the perception of climate impact on natural resources, land use, and policy. The candidate will work with hydrologists, earth scientists, ecologists, geographers, cognitive scientists, and social scientists in the SNRI and develop sustainable partnerships with federal agencies on projects that will engage varied stakeholders on a range of climate communication issues, especially with relevance to the Sierra Nevada region and San Joaquin Valley. In leading team-based projects, the individual will aim to develop a set of best practices for educating policy-makers, educators, public agencies, and the general public on climate issues and risks (immediate and long-term) and developing ways to make climate messages more effective. The candidate will use a variety of scientific methods and approaches to analyze the presentation, content, and efficacy of climate communications for varied audiences, for instance, surveys, interviews, scenarios, decision analysis tools, and social media. The individual is expected to have grant-writing experience and actively seek extramural funding. Of special interest are applicants with an interest in climate communication and/or risk perception around water in Central California. The Assistant Project Scientist will write papers for publication of research results.

The initial appointment will be for one year and is renewable upon availability of funding and satisfactory performance.

Qualifications: The candidate must have a PhD in a field such as communication, media studies, linguistics, science and technology studies, cognitive science, sociology, environmental science and management, environmental studies or a related field.  The candidate must have strong communication skills and grant-writing experience in addition to the ability to lead team based research projects in close collaboration with faculty and researchers from multi disciplines in SNRI, for instance, water science relevant to the Sierra Nevada.