Invasive Species Information Officer

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Invasive Species Information Officer
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Minnesota Dept. of Natural Resources
St. Paul, MN
April 23, 2012


This position exists to develop and implement an invasive species information and education program under the administrative direction of the Invasive Species Unit Supervisor. This position coordinates agency-wide AIS communication initiatives, provides leadership, strategic direction and overall guidance on communications and education issues on Invasive Species. 
Duties include: 

  • Develop, direct, and maintain an invasive species communications/information program. 
  • Coordinate and manage invasive species media initiatives statewide. 
  • Establish, direct and maintain communications and outreach with stakeholder groups and local units of government. 
  • Develop invasive species communications and outreach messages and materials. 
  • Coordinate and manage participation in shows and expos.

Min. qualifications: 

  • Bachelor's degree in journalism, mass communication, public relations, english, or related field and a minimum of two years experience reporting, editing, writing and design skills. 
  • Working knowledge of environmental journalism, desktop publishing, Web editing, and printing procedures. 
  • Thorough knowledge of journalistic principles, practices, and techniques as related to the planning, composing, and editing of various publications 
  • Excellent verbal communications skills to clearly articulate agency?s policies and activities to stakeholders, media, and local units of government in the region. 
  • Ability to master emerging technologies in areas related to publications, social media, and the Internet. 
  • Ability to prioritize, delegate, and manage multiple projects under tight deadlines. 
  • Teamwork, team building, and leadership skills.

Preferred qualifications: 

  • Three or more years of professional media experience as a reporter, editor or media producer, and/or public affairs or public relations specialist. 
  • Demonstrated effectiveness in coordinating, implementing, or leading successful media relations, external communications, or outreach programs.
  • Experience with Web and social media design, content, or development used to reach out to target audiences as well as nontraditional and new constituencies. 
  • Knowledge of invasive species impacts and laws 
  • Knowledge of environmental and water resource issues 
  • Knowledge of DNR goals, policies and procedures

How to Apply:


Most State selection processes utilize a resume-based screening process. You will be contacted by agency staff if your background best matches the selection criteria on this job posting. To apply for this position, click the APPLY box found at the bottom of this job announcement. For additional information about the State?s selection process, go to <>. 

Contact for More Information:


Luke Skinner, 651-259-55140