WEBINAR #3 - on Climate Activism with Suzi Clark

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Event Dates: 
June 6, 2022


Happy Monday everyone - one more week to go until you can zoom in for our Webinar with Suzi Clark on CLIMATE ACTIVISM.


Our rapidly escalating environmental and social crisis is fueling activism on a the global stage - and nationally, regionally and locally!

Whether advocating for the reduction of carbon emissions or the protection of local wetlands, environmental activism is an ecosystem of its own, it is diverse, complex and highly active - but not always seen, and not always talked about. In our webinar, we will explore enabler and barriers of climate activism and talk about the role of environmental communication on an individual, organizational and social (public discourse, media) level. 

Zoom in on Monday 6th of June, 6 pm CST (Central Standard Time). 

So, put the zoom in your calender:): https://uqz.zoom.us/j/83837184603,

and get ready for a great and lively discussion!

Looking forward to seeing you there,