Student Produced, Climate Themed Event Tonight, May 7 for your viewing pleasure :)

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Event Dates: 
May 7, 2021
San Francisco, CA


Hi Everyone,

I teach an Environmental Communication for Electronic Media course at San Francisco State University. This semester my students have produced a multi-media, streaming panel event (!!) that will focus on communicating about climate justice issues in uncertain times. It is also to help raise awareness for a new Climate Change Problems, Impacts & Solutions Certificate program launching at our campus in the fall.

This has been a totally student led and produced project, which has been a little nerveracking at times but has been a remarkable thing to watch unfold. They took what was a simple assignment to host a panel discussion and turned it into a streaming YouTube event, created cohesive social media pages with original content, and have even created a new student-led program called SFSU Climate HQ that will be the hub for all things climate related happening on campus and in the community.

Our event will be streaming live tonight from 4-5:30pm (PDT) via YouTube. You can also check out their IG page and link to the event there. It will also be recorded to YouTube, so if you have any interest watching it later, you can follow the same link.

I hope you can join us!



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