Re-MEDIAting the Wild: the 16th Conference on Communication and Environment

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Event Dates: 
June 21, 2021 to June 24, 2021
Online everywhere


The International Environmental Communication Association (IECA) will hold the 16th Conference on Communication and Environment (COCE) online everywhere in June 2021. This conference will mark IECA's 10th anniversary. As always, we will bring together artists, practitioners, scholars, students and engaged citizens from around the world to discuss the state of communication related to environmental affairs. We consider Indigenous perspectives to be central to this topic and therefore especially encourage the participation of Indigenous People.

The title and theme of the conference is Re-MEDIAting the Wild. The intent of this theme is to bring attention to research and practical experience on how best to communicate for the sake of Wildlife and Wild places. At the same time, we expect the conference to address the ways in which communication and culture influence how humans value the Wild and perceive their relationships with the rest of Nature.

 In a literal sense Re-MEDIAting the Wild suggests healing Wild places, the species that live there, and humanity's relationship to the rest of Nature. In other words, rewilding and restoring resilience and integrity to the living Earth. For the purposes of this conference it refers to how communication using technology–everything from handwriting to television to social media–affects people's understanding of Wild Nature and our relationships with it. It also refers to ways of reconciling conflicts related to Wildlife and Wild places. And it means connecting or linking ourselves to the Wild in a variety of ways, including as advocates for species and places that are unable to speak directly to our institutions and decision-makers. In all cases, the Re- is important; we must communicate better than we have.

The conference will take place on the PheedLoop platform.

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Email: coce2021 at theieca dot org