Communicating for Food Sustainability

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Event Dates: 
November 12, 2020 to November 13, 2020
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Food correlates to a number of environmental issues from land and water use to pollution from pesticides and herbicides. Food production, packaging, and waste all impact the environment. Sustainable perspectives of food may also connect with morality, ethics, and spirituality. Of course, issues of labor and culture surface as well. Individual practices and social structures all come into how we feed ourselves. 

In this mini-conference, we will feature two panels: one focused on academic research and another workshop-style one, which will provide strategies and tactics for on-the-ground action. Presenters come from all over the world and bring a variety of experiences and approach to research. The academic panel includes papers that tackle issues both local and global and investigate how people make food choices, advocate for change, and use public media to communicate sustainability in food systems. The workshop features presenters who will share their experiences, ideas for initiatives, communication strategies, and investment models for sustainable food sourcing in (hyper)local settings.