"Hollow Notions" in Environmental Communication Research? Reflections on the Responsibility of a Critical Discipline

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Event Dates: 
May 26, 2019
Washington D.C., ICA conference


Anyone in D.C. in May :-)? Then join the IECA-roundtable panel at this years ICA-conference! The panel, organized by Franzisca Weder, Silje Kristiansen and Birte Fähnrich, and complemented by Bruno Takahashi and Ilya Kiriya, is dedicated to responsible environmental communication and ethical issues challenging the discipline. Provocative statements coming from different cultural perspectives offer a starting point to stimulate reflection and discussion about environmental communication as a critical discipline!

When: Sunday, May 26th, 2-3:15 PM,

Where: Columbia 6 (Washington Hilton/Terrace Level)

Those of you who are not registered for ICA yet or if you're not a member of ICA, don't worry: you can register for the ICA conference at the ICA member rate without having to be an ICA member (because IECA is an Association member of ICA). Looking forward to seeing you there!