Graduate seminar in climate change & sustainability communication

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Event Dates: 
April 24, 2016 to October 31, 2016


Each spring, I teach a 3 credit hour graduate seminar (Communication 660) at George Mason University titled Climate Change & Sustainability Communication Campaigns.  Generally speaking, the course is very well-recieved by students.

In summer 2014, I taught the course as a non-credit earning distance education course (similar to Mark Meisner's environmental communication course model) to Climate Access members -- a community of practice organized by Cara Pike.  The course was well-received by these professional "students" too.

In spring 2017, I am interested in opening up the course -- for credit, on a distance education basis -- to up to a dozen graduate students at universities that do not offer a similar course, IF THERE IS INTEREST IN ME DOING SO.

Regrettably, signing up for the course will not be an easy process for such students.  The student must apply for non-degree status at Mason first, and once accepted, can then enroll in the course. Students residing in Virginia would pay in-state tuition rates, and students elsewhere would pay out-of-state rates. [Note: Students at DC area "consortium" schools -- e.g., U. Maryland, AU, GWU, Catholic U -- are exempt from the application process, and would pay tuition to their own school, not Mason.]

If you might be interested in taking the course in Spring '17, please drop me an email to let me know: emaibach at gmu dot edu. I would be happy to share the syllabus with you so that you can make an informed decision.

All the best,

Ed Maibach