Final Call for abstract: Consuming the Environment: conference and workshop. Abstract deadline 31 August.

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Event Dates: 
November 26, 2015 to November 27, 2015
Gävle, Sweden


Environmental degradation and climate change are global concerns, that are easy to ignore as either myths or exaggerated threats. In that context media, new and old, play a crucial and central role.

Communication and environmental issues in the broad sense is a vast area of research. It involves research in a range of academic disciplines as well as industry, government and other other actors. CONSUMING THE ENVIRONMENT positions itself as a humanist research approach and seeks local and regional partners with innovative knowledge interests.

The basic research question in this project is how our perceptions of the environment and pollution is created and re-created. How is a global problem experienced locally and what can we as individuals do? How can imprisoned mindsets dissolve? What new stories need to be told?

New: Deadline for abstracts, max 400 words: 31 August (previous 30 June 2015).

The call for abstracts is addressed primarily to researchers in the first place, but also to those who want to contribute to knowledge of environmental issues, preferably locally and regionally. Abstract submissions should include the project theme your submission addresses.

  1. Media, memories and cultural flows
  2. Celebrities politics and environmental commitment
  3. Strategic environmental communication
  4. History of the Environmental Discourses
  5. Local media, global environmental threats: Storytelling
  6. Environmental Disasters in the risk society
  7. Green Spaces in urban environments and social change.
  8. Engraved memories and heritage: local and indigenous knowledge

Detailed information about each theme

Maximum two abstracts per person.

Contributions can be:

  • Full length paper (4000-6000 words)
  • Research results (reports 10-20 pp)
  • Posters (exhibited and presented continuously)
  • Memoranda (discussion paper in workshops <10 pp)