Ecomusics and Ecomusicologies 2014: Dialogues

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Event Dates: 
October 2, 2014 to October 6, 2014
Asheville, North Carolina, USA


We are pleased to announce that the preliminary program and registration for Ecomusics and Ecomusicologies 2014: Dialogues (2-6 October, 2014, Asheville, North Carolina, USA) is now available at .

The Ecomusics event series highlights include an appearance by seven-time Grammy® winner Paul Winter, a performance of John Luther Adams's "outdoor" composition Inuksuit (organized by Andy Bliss, Artistic Director of the nief-norf Project); Chicago-based Fry Street Quartet's multimedia Crossroads Project: Rising Tides; New York's EDM duo The Mast; a workshop led by Moog associate Dr. Wayne Kirby and Grammy® winning performer Roy "Futureman" Wooten; and a screening of the critically acclaimed film Musicwood.

In the spirit of the conference theme of dialogues, the program will feature three keynote panels:

Leah Barclay and Jeff Todd Titon – "Sound-Centered Being, Knowing, and Acting to Empower Communities"

Mark Pedelty and David Rothenberg – "Making Music with, for, and at Animals"

David Cecchetto and Garth Paine – "Ecology and Aural Technoculture"

In addition to concerts and keynote presentations, the gathering will feature fourteen academic paper sessions, including fifty-one speakers. There will also be five rotating installations, four workshops, and a soundwalk.

Registration is available for local UNC-A students and virtual presenters ($30), students and participating performers ($75), general and faculty/staff participants ($125), and sponsors ($250). We encourage you to book your accommodations soon, as the conference will take place during peak tourist (i.e., autumn leaf) season in Asheville. All information pertaining to the event series and conference is available at: .

We look forward to seeing you 2-6 October in Asheville!


William Bares and Tyler Kinnear, co-organizers