Communicate 2013: Stories for Change

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Event Dates: 
November 6, 2013 to November 7, 2013
Arnolfini, Bristol, UK


As environmental communicators, we are storytellers. We have been telling our stories for decades, presenting the facts, explaining the importance, carefully crafting our messages... Yet despite our collective skills, experience, and hard work, there is still a mountain to climb to achieve the understanding and action needed.

So let’s stop and listen for a while. Listen and learn. And then perhaps tell new stories, more powerful and relevant stories, in new ways. Let’s challenge our assumptions and improve our skills, continuously develop how we construct narratives, convey messages, and use different techniques and media to engage, persuade and empower. We need to both listen for, and create, Stories for Change.

Communicate 2013 will be an outstanding networking opportunity, and will provide training sessions and discussion opportunities on the theme Stories for Change, with inspirational plenary sessions, challenging debates, and practical workshops focused on both liberating stories and telling stories.