Information About Aspen Conference, July 27-29, 2013

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For the past nine years, the annual Aspen Conference on Organizational Communication has focused on a variety of topics central to the discipline including crisis management, conflict resolution, and communication both across and within businesses and agencies. This year, join us for our 10th annual conference on creating collaborations that support environmental sustainability. 
The three-day conference, set in beautiful Aspen, CO, will feature a case study on the collaboration and stakeholder engagement for the Catamount Institute facilitated by the CMM Institute. Guest speakers will include both leadership from the Catamount Institute as well as nationally-recognized scholars Greg Walker, Oregon State University, and Robbie Cox, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill.
 About the Catamount Institute 
 As you may know, the Catamount Institute has served thousands of people for more than a decade with a vibrant range of innovative programs. From school rooms to  board rooms, the Institute strives to provide the best in educational opportunities and leading edge professional training and services.  The Catamount Institute is effecting dynamic and systemic change through education, advocacy and leadership in its efforts to build a sustainable community that inspires ecological stewardship. The Institute's  mission is to heighten the community's awareness of environmental and sustainability issues in order to inspire ecological stewardship. The organization acts as a catalyst for critical thinking and is devoted to connecting the "bookends of the community" with their natural world. The Institute also offers science-based programs that promote outdoor exploration, business efficiency, personal growth, and provide children the tools they need to experience their world with an enhanced sense of their surroundings. 
 Conference Goals
 Our goal for this year's event is to focus on inter-agency collaborations, stakeholder engagement and interaction design to understand the challenges and opportunities that engaged communication presents. We will explore the unique opportunities for engagement that occur between the public and private/nonprofit organizations when faced with policy decisions that require community participation and support. We will also investigate the unique nature of climate change communication and understand how it relates to past social movements in the United States.
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 We hope you will be able to join us.
 Pam Shockley-Zalabak, Chancellor and Professor of Communication
 University of Colorado Colorado Springs