Minding Animals Conference 2012

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Event Dates: 
July 4, 2012 to July 6, 2012
Utrecht University, the Netherlands


This conference is the second in a series of conferences about scientific, ethical and social issues related to human interactions with and uses of animals.
The aim of the conference is to bring together academics from different areas (animal welfare, animal ethics, and animal studies in general) with politicians and a broad variety of interest groups.
The conference offers a platform for exchange of information about research developments, debates about controversial political and ethical issues concerning the treatment of animals and a variety of cultural activities around animals.
Confirmed speakers:
•   Prof. Colin Allen, Professor of Philosophy, specialized in Philosophy of Biology and Cognitive Science, in particular animal behaviour and cognition
•   Prof. Marc Bekoff, Emeritus Professor of Animal Behaviour, author of numerous books about animal capacities and the human-animal relationship
•   Prof. John Coetzee, Nobel Prize winning author
•   Prof. Julia Driver, Professor of Philosophy, exploring a Humean account of duties towards animals 
•   Prof. Robert Garner, Professor of Political Theory, specialized in the political representation of non-human interests and animal rights
•   Prof. Dale Jamieson, Professor of Environmental Studies and Philosophy
•   Prof. Christine Korsgaard, Professor of Philosophy, developed a novel Kantian account of our duties towards animals
•   Prof. Will Kymlicka, Professor of Political Philosophy, recently co-authored a book on political philosophy and animal rights
•   Raj Panjwani QC, practicing lawyer of the Supreme Court of India, specialised in animal protection.
•   Prof. Harriet Ritvo, Professor of History, specialised in the history of human-animal relationships
•   Dr. Jill Robinson, animal protectionist and founder of Animals Asia
•   Prof. Paul Schnabel, Professor of Sociology and director of the Dutch Sociaal en Cultureel Planbureau
•   Prof. Peter Singer, Professor of Philosophy, developed a utilitarian approach to animal ethics