WSCA Nature/Culture Outdoor Workshop

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Event Dates: 
February 18, 2012
Albuquerque, NM USA



9:00am – 3:00pm Saturday, February 18

Presented by the Environmental Studies Interest Group

This workshop is intended for environmental communication scholars and others interested in the implications of the nature/culture dualism and dialogic understandings of the nature/culture relationship.

Several environmental communication scholars have grappled with the project overcoming the nature/culture dualism that resides at the center of Western cultures, ideologies, and environmental practices (e.g., Carbaugh, Clarke, Gray, Milstein, Rogers, Salvador, Schutten). This workshop offers the opportunity to engage in dialogues about nature/culture dualisms, their deconstruction, and dialogues with “nature” in an experiential format through guided field trips to Petroglyph National Monument and the Rio Grande. The intent is to bridge the abstract discussion of nature/culture relationships through embodied grounding in the volcanic and riverside settings in Albuquerque. Facilitators will provide background information and prompts for (verbal) discussion and (nonverbal) engagement with workshop participants and the beings and settings of the Monument and the Bosque.

Questions to be engaged in the workshop include the following:

  • How have peoples marked the landscape?
  • How has the landscape informed those markings?
  • What can we learn from the material intersection of nature and culture?
  • How does this inform our understanding of the “nature” of symbolization?
  • What are our experiences of these landscapes? How are they informing our identities, perceptions, and discourses?
  • How can we foster active, dialogic relationships with the more?than?human world?

Fee: $40, to include boxed lunch and transportation to Petroglyph National Monument, the Rio Grande, and back to the conference hotel (in addition to conference registration fee)

Pre-registration for the WSCA conference is open until January 15 at the URL below.