Educator Fellows Program

In late 2019, the IECA launched its IECA Educator Fellows Program.The goal of this program is to promote pedagogical reflection and innovation among teachers of environmental communication.

Here’s what the Fellows will do over the next year and a half:

  1. Work together to create original content (assignments, video modules, webinars, joint student projects, etc.) for the IECA educator platform that will be made available to IECA members who teach environmental communication.
  2. Pilot the use of IECA student memberships (via a new “IECA Explorer” membership category that will offer a substantial discount on regular student memberships) as part of environmental-communication courses that they teach or support during the remainder of the 2019-20 and 2020-21 academic years.
  3. Develop quantitative and qualitative metrics to assess the Fellows program.
  4. Provide a collectively-written interim report to the IECA board in summer 2020 and a full report of results/next steps to IECA membership at COCE 2021 via either a pre-conference or a panel session at the conference.Passion Led Us Here

The first Fellows are as follows:

  • Steve Depoe, Professor, Communication, University of Cincinnati, Facilitator
  • Michaeleen Gallagher, Director of Education and Environmental Programs, Annenberg Foundation Trust @ Sunnylands
  • Jill Hopke, Assistant Professor, Journalism, DePaul University
  • Jason Ludden, Teaching Assistant Professor, English, University of Nevada - Reno
  • Maggie Siebert, Adjunct Faculty, Community Engaged Learning and Research, University of New Mexico
  • Kenneth Yang, Professor, Communication, University of Texas El Paso


As part of the program, we are asking each of our members to contribute to the goal of building value for the association. In 2020-21, we are testing a new "Explorer" membership category to be used by undergraduate students who join IECA as part of an Environmental Communication-related course.
Specifically, we are asking all IECA members to do two things as we roll into the new 2020 membership year---

  1. Update their membership profile to include current contact information, Twitter and Linkedin details, biographical data, and interest areas. Please include a photograph of yourself  as part of your profile.
  2. Earn an IECA Explorer "Guide" badge (visible in the membership directory) by providing additional content on your profile page. The additional content appears under the "Information for Explorers" heading. It consists of three questions that we hope will help guide the explorer students: 
  • What led you to choose a career in environmental communication?
  • What careers related to environmental communication are emerging in your geographic area or context?
  • Besides the IECA, what are your favorite sources of information about environmental communication?

 These questions are intended to pique the interest of undergraduate students concerning career opportunities, key readings and news feeds, and other information pertaining to the field of environmental communication. Students will be given assignments related to finding information about Explorer "Guides" located within the larger IECA member directory. Volunteering to be a guide means being willing to engage with the Explorer students.

Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash