Environmental Communication Courses

The following are courses in environmental communication.

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Course title Year Level Instructor School
Health literacy: Empowerment for better health undergraduate Andrew Pleasant Rutgers University
Media and the Natural Environment undergraduate Jennifer Good Brock University
Media and “the Environment” 2018 undergraduate Catalina M. de Onís Willamette University
Media issues II: Scientific and Environmental Media Issues undergraduate Shawn Thompson University College of the Cariboo
Media, Culture and the Environment graduate Andrew Opel Florida State University
NGOs and Conservation undergraduate Brett Bruyere Colorado State University
Public Advocacy: U.S. Environmental Movements undergraduate Phaedra Pezzullo Indiana University
Public Relations in Natural Resources undergraduate Cara Marie DiEnno Colorado State University
Rhetoric and Environmental Controversy graduate Steve Schwarze Univeristy of Montana
Rhetoric and the Environment 2015 undergraduate Judith Hendry University of New Mexico
Rhetoric, Nature and Environmentalism undergraduate Steve Schwarze Univeristy of Montana
Science and Environmental Communication graduate Sharon Dunwoody University of Wisconsin-Madison
Science, Environmental, and Health Communication 2013 undergraduate Bernardo H. Motta Bridgewater College
Seminar in Communication Theory graduate Brant Short Northern Arizona University
Seminar in Environmental Communication graduate William Kinsella North Carolina State University