Environmental Communication Courses

The following are courses in environmental communication.

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Course title Year Level Instructor School
Communication, Environment and Environmentalism undergraduate Pete Bsumek James Madison University
Communication in the Life Sciences undergraduate Andrew Pleasant Rutgers University
Communication for Marine Affairs 2020 undergraduate Emily Diamond University of Rhode Island
Communication and the Environment undergraduate Dennis Jaehne San José State University
Communication and Contemporary Affairs undergraduate Brant Short Northern Arizona University
Communicating Sustainability 2012 undergraduate Phaedra C. Pezzullo Indiana University-Bloomington, USA
Communicating Environmental Issues 2019 undergraduate Carrie P. Freeman Georgia State University
Communicating Environmental Issues 2019 graduate Carrie P. Freeman Georgia State University
Climate Change Communication 2018 undergraduate Dr. Jill Hopke DePaul University
Advanced Critical and Rhetorical Theory: Rhetoric Matters 2019 graduate Steve Depoe University of Cincinnati