Media and “the Environment”

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CCM 260W
Catalina M. de Onís
Willamette University
Course Description: 

Journalists, government officials, corporate and environmental advocacy group representatives, small business owners, and concerned community members, among other actors, make and respond to different media about “the environment.” However, what this term signifies and the stakes for engaging in sustainable practices often are ambiguous, contested, and uneven. CCM 260W invites class members to study, document, and intervene in various environment-related discourses in class discussions, readings, written assignments, community activities, and podcasts to apply course concepts and enact the university’s commitment to equity and ethical communication practices. Our project-based service learning will help to illuminate the co-constitutive nature of media and the environment, or, in other words, how both terms symbolically and materially shape and are shaped by each other.