Call for Self-Nominations: The IECA Outreach Committee

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Type of Call: 
Call for nominations
September 30, 2022


Dear IECA Friends,

I hope this message finds you well. My name is Sibo Chen, and I recently take the role of leading IECA's Outreach Committee.

Over the next few months, the committee will focus on boosting IECA's online presence through a series of social media campaigns. Currently, the Outreach Committee consists of me, Tadesse Amera, Leonor Solis, and Mark Meisner (ex officio). 

We are looking for additional members to serve on the Outreach Committee. Committee members are expected to attend regular meetings (no more than one 1-hr meeting per month) and participate in developing IECA's social media campaign strategies.

If you are interested in joining this Committee, please send an email that briefly introduces yourself (interest, relevant background, etc.) to me (sibo.chen at ryerson dot ca) by September 30th. If you have any question or suggestion regarding the Outreach Committee, please feel free to contact me too.

Best Regards

Sibo Chen

on behalf of the IECA Outreach Committee