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Call for Support & Signature
April 15, 2021

Please join the IECA-board in supporting the Open Letter to Apple Podcasts.
This campaign is running out - so act NOW!


Apple doesn’t have a climate category for podcasts, which makes it too damn hard for listeners to find what they're looking for. And PS: The other platforms (spotify etc.) also work with Apple's categories - and thus, also don't have a climate category.


A climate category will mean easier access to critical information on climate — all you need to do is sign. Now - deadline is tomorrow!

A Climate category would increase the viability of podcasts attracting an audience when they engage with environmental issues. We believe there is a large and growing audience for such content, but that the current lack of discovery mechanisms and sorting makes it difficult for the audience and content to be matched.

If successful, Apple will agree to the opportunity we are offering and announce a Climate category will be added to their dominant podcast directory, on Earth Day, April 22nd.


Franzisca (& the IECA-board); more info: get in touch f.weder@uq.edu.au