Communicating for Food Sustainability

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Call for submissions
September 18, 2020

Speech bubble filled with vegetablesAn online Mini-Conference hosted by the International Environmental Communication Association (IECA)
October 22/23, 2020

Call for submissions
Deadline September 18, 2020

Food correlates to a number of environmental issues from land and water use to pollution from pesticides and herbicides. Food production, packaging, and waste all impact the environment. Sustainable perspectives of food may also connect with morality, ethics, and spirituality. Of course, issues of labor and culture surface as well. Individual practices and social structures all come into how we feed ourselves. 

Whether you take the perspective of a researcher, digging into interviews about food or analyzing food policies, for example, OR an artist who creates food-related sculptures or performance pieces, for example, OR a practitioner, helping local community members start gardens or cook with the veggies in their CSAs, for example, we’d love to hear what you know about how best to communicate for sustainable food. 

The conference will be on October 22/23, 2020 depending on where you are in the world. We will select panelists for a more academic/artistic-focused panel and facilitators for an applied, practitioner-focused workshop. We recognize that there may be overlap in these categories and that your role does not preclude you from applying for one or the other. So, you can self-identify your proposal as either for the panel or workshop.

All presenters must be members of the IECA at the time of the event. Conference attendance will be open to everyone.

Submissions must focus on the theme of communicating for food sustainability. Please submit a 500-word summary of your presentation or workshop idea via email to by September 18, 2020. Include in your proposal what time zone you’re in and if you are willing to present at an inconvenient time (e.g., early morning, late evening, or even the middle of the night where you live).

Photo credit Chantal Garnier via Unsplash