ICA 2019 pre-conference “Environmental Communication Beyond Boundaries: Transnational, international, and comparative approaches to understanding environmental issues.”

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Call for extended abstracts
January 31, 2019

Two more weeks before the deadline to submit your extended abstracts to this great ICA pre-conference co-organized with my incredible colleagues Julia Metag, Jagadish Thaker, and Suzannah Evans Comfort!!!! Travel grants are available, specially for scholars from the Global South.

This pre-conference will bring together scholars from around the world to share research related to transnational and international aspects of environmental communication. While environmental issues are often fundamentally global in that causes and effects of environmental risk can be separated by thousands of miles and connected by the forces of globalization, most research related to environmental communication has focused on individual nations as the site of inquiry. In addition, environmental communication research has primarily featured nations in the Global North. Therefore, this pre-conference especially welcomes research related to and/or produced in the Global South.

The pre-conference is associated with the forthcoming “Handbook of International Trends in Environmental Communication” that the organizers will edit. The handbook is part of the ICA-Routledge Handbook Series. The pre-conference will serve as a starting point for conversations and networking related to possible chapters for the handbook.