JCOM Special Issue on Communication at the Intersection of Science and Politics

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Type of Call: 
Call for papers
June 30, 2018

Editors: Birte Fähnrich (birte.faehnrich@zu.de) & Alexander Ruser (alexander.ruser@zu.de)

This call invites research papers and essays that explore the communication at the intersection of science and politics and thus contribute to our understanding of this novel area of science communication. Papers considering issues under the following themes are particularly welcome:

  • Modes: Diverse forms of science-policy interaction reaching from non-public interpersonal consultation to public and digital activities;
  • Issues: Science-policy communication in particular fields of expertise, e.g. climate change, the challenges of demographic change, economic crises and global financial capitalism
  • Reach: Interactions on regional, national and supranational level;
  • Actors: Different actors in science, politics and society involved in these fields of science communication, e.g. concerning their status and background, motives and objectives, role models and perceptions;
  • Effects: assessments and evaluations of the activities, public perceptions of science-policy-interaction;
  • Challenges: Normative and ethical considerations, the “politization” of science and the hollowing out of democratic decision-making.

Submission and deadline

We invite contributions from communication science and related disciplines. Full papers should contain a clear outline of the argument, the theoretical framework, and, where applicable, the methodology and results. The maximum length is 7,000 words (including references). Papers should be submitted in accordance with the overall JCOM guidelines (https://jcom.sissa.it/jcom/help/helpLoader.jsp?pgType=author).

The Deadline for Full Papers is June 30, 2018.

For further information please go to https://jcom.sissa.it/special-issue-communication-intersection-science-and-politics or contact the editors.