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Call for respondents
January 26, 2017

How do full-time environmental journalists and environmental communicators transition successfully to full-time academic jobs? If you’ve made that transition, we’d like to interview you for a study of best practices for such a transition. This will consist of a short online questionnaire and a telephone or Skype interview of 30-45 minutes. The project has received Michigan State University’s human subjects approval, and you will have the option of not being identified by name or institution in any articles or papers.

If you’d like to participate or can recommend other potential interviewees, please email Eric Freedman, director of MSU’s Knight Center for Environmental Journalism, at (517-355-4729).

Research team: Eric Freedman, Bruno Takahashi and Kate Habrel (Michigan State University) and Mark Neuzil (University of St. Thomas) Eric Freedman, Knight Chair & Professor Director of the Knight Center for Environmental Journalism Director of Capital News Service

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