A two-day workshop ‘Soviet and Post-Soviet Imaginings of Climate’ - extended deadline

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Call for submissions
February 15, 2017



‘Soviet and Post-Soviet Imaginings of Climate’

A two-day workshop organised by Nottingham Trent University and King’s College London’s Russia Institute


Dates: 29th-30th March, 2017

Location: King’s College London, UK

Deadline for Abstracts: 15th February 2017

This workshop will explore the relationship between the science, politics and policy of climate change in the post-Soviet world, by considering the historical development of the concept of climate change as a scientific thesis, environmental problem and policy issue. We invite papers that will complement work on the history of the discursive political construction of climate change in the West by examining a highly contrasting (but intimately related) cultural context. In so doing the workshop will provide an in-depth look at how post-Soviet understandings of climate change (scientific, environmental and political) have developed and how they affect post-Soviet policy engagement and negotiating positions at the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).


This workshop is inspired by the aims of Maarten Hajer’s discourse analysis, which aims to “illuminate the places, moments, and institutions where certain perceptions of environmental change and social development emerge and are reproduced, and should reconstruct the argumentative struggle that determines which perceptions at some point start to dominate the course of affairs in environmental politics” (Hajer, 1995, p. 19). However, papers are welcome from all branches of study examining the history of scientific, political and environmental ideas relating to the climate and environment in the Soviet and post-Soviet world.


This two-day workshop will first look at Soviet political understandings of the environment, climate change and science (Day One) and then at the legacy or emergence of such understandings in post-Soviet countries and their domestic and international policy engagement (Day Two).


Key-note speakers:

Day One: Dr Elana Wilson Rowe, Norwegian Institute of International Affairs

Day Two: Dr Jon Oldfield, University of Birmingham

If you wish to present a paper, please submit an abstract of up to 250 words via email to Dr Teresa Ashe (t.ashe@open.ac.uk) with the subject heading “Soviet and Post-Soviet Imaginings of Climate’” by 15th February 2017. You will be notified of the decision on your abstract via email by 28th February 2017.

All queries should be emailed to Dr Marianna Poberezhskaya (Marianna.poberezhskaya@ntu.ac.uk) or Dr Teresa Ashe (t.ashe@open.ac.uk).