Democracy, Borders and Public/Political Engagement: Challenges for Environmental Communication

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Call for submissions
December 15, 2016

Leicester3.jpgThe 2017 Conference on Communication and Environment in Leicester


The conference theme will explore the challenges faced by environmental communication as political landscapes and boundaries experience major upheavals and change, seemingly driven by widespread discontent with conventional politics and its institutions. Emerging divisions, fragmentation and polarization in the political landscape, as demonstrated for example in the 2016 UK referendum debate and result with regard to European Union membership, pose urgent challenges for all aspects of environmental communication. The salience of environmental concerns in political agendas is altering as previously stable agendas realign according to shifts in the political landscape and the seemingly deepening societal (political, economic and of course, environmental) divisions these reflect. While environmental disasters clearly underpin the recent forced mass migrations among other causes, they and their wider environmental implications are becoming lost in the noise of the present politics on this issue.

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