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Call for submissions
January 15, 2016

In 2004, SUNY Press published Communication and public participation in environmental decision making (Depoe, Delicath & Elsenbeer, Eds.). This volume made a significant contribution to the field.  Research in this area has flourished since then, including the recent book Citizen voices:  Performing public participation in science and environment communication (Intellect, 2012; Phillips, Carvalho & Doyle, Eds.).  In an effort to expand the boundaries of scholar-practitioner conversation, Kathleen Hunt, Gregg Walker, and Steve Depoe are issuing a call for submissions for a new edited volume that will feature work exploring theoretical, applied, empirical, and critical dimensions of communication and community engagement in environmental decision making at local, regional, national, and global levels.  

TOPICS:  We encourage submissions that explore a wide variety of theories, perspectives, and case studies of community engagement, including, but not limited to:

  • case studies and empirical examinations of public participation in environmental and natural resource policy contexts
  • innovations in government- or regulatory-based public participation processes at all levels (local/regional/national/international)
  • analyses of private and non-governmental sector work regarding public participation
  • instances of environmental protest against dominant participation regimes and practices
  • meanings and practices of indigenous, community-based environmental dialogue and decision making in locales around the world
  • extension and application of relevant theories pertaining to public sphere, deliberative democracy, etc.
  • examination of the role of nature speaking or being spoken for in environmental disputes, etc.
  • roles and impacts of contemporary communication technologies (including social media, GIS, etc.) on public participation

AUDIENCES:  We hope to produce a volume that will be read and utilized by scholars of environmental communication, natural resource management, and environmental policy, and by practitioners in the field, including NGO members, environmental educators and advocates, and government officials.  The editors will choose submissions to publish and develop an overall framework for the volume with an eye toward reaching a crossover audience.

SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS:  Submissions should be formatted in WORD, using APA 6th Ed. citation guide.  We are looking for submissions of 8,000 words or less, including references.  Deadline for submission is January 15, 2016.  All submissions will be peer reviewed.  Submissions should be sent via e-mail attachment to:  Steve Depoe, Professor and Head, Department of Communication, University of Cincinnati, depoesp@ucmail.uc.edu.