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Call for Nominations
September 14, 2015


I am pleased to announce the call for this year's Environmental Communication Division Awards. Recipients will be announced at the division's business meeting at the 2015 NCA Convention in Las Vegas.
The ECD has three awards:
1.  Christine L. Oravec Research Award in Environmental Communication (book category)
2.  Christine L. Oravec Research Award in Environmental Communication (journal manuscript and book chapter category)
3.  J. Robert Cox Award in Environmental Communication and Civic Engagement
Nominations must be sent to Richard Besel ( no later than 5:00 PM, Pacific Time, Monday, September 14.
For the Oravec Research Awards the committee will assess nominations based on the following criteria:          

-At least one author is a member of the Division. 

-Publication of the manuscript occurred during the prior two years: between September 1 two years prior to the award year and August 31 of the award year (i.e., between September 1, 2013 and August, 31, 2015).  

-The nomination addresses significant scholarly questions about the relationship between communication and the environment.  

-The nomination demonstrates intellectual rigor appropriate to its mode of inquiry.  

-The nomination is forward-looking in its contribution the field.  

-The nomination has the potential to influence future research in the field.  

The Cox Award is a means of recognizing the substantial environmental achievements of members of the NCA Environmental Communication Division that are performed in tandem with their work in the academy. Such achievements include working with various publics on environmental concerns such as leading environmental non-profits, developing communication materials, engaging in creative artistic performances and related activities.
Criteria used for the Cox Award include: 

-Commitment to environmental issues through organizational leadership, service and/or activism, 

-Engagement over several years,

-and at a regional, national, or international scale.


Nomination Submission Notes:
-Both self- and peer-nominations are encouraged for all three award categories.

-Nominations for awards must be accompanied by a letter (Word or PDF format) not to exceed 1 page explaining how the nominated book, article, book chapter, or person meets the criteria for that award.

-Nominations for the Oravec Awards must include an electronic copy of the manuscript, including book nominations. Book nominators should arrange for an electronic copy of the manuscript to be sent to the committee chair.

-Nominations for the Cox Civic Engagement Award should mention in the letter how the nominator is defining "civic engagement" and how the candidate's work meets that definition. 

Please circulate this call broadly and feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

I look forward to receiving your nominations.


Richard Besel, Ph.D.

NCA ECD Awards Committee Chair