Edited Book: The Theoretical and Practical Considerations of Wilderness

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Call for book chapters
December 1, 2013

Theoretical and Practical Considerations of Wilderness
CALL FOR CHAPTERS. Edited book:   Theoretical and Practical Considerations of Wilderness
Eric Morgan emorgan@nmsu.edu & Mairi Pileggi Mairi.pileggi@dominican.edu
Next year marks the 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act.  While this Act is a piece of U.S. legislation, wilderness itself concerns, constructs, and constitutes a global conversation about humans and our relation to the planet.  We invite submissions for an edited book focusing on the concept(s) of wilderness from theoretical and practical perspectives. The aim of this volume, which we have proposed to an international publisher, is to bring together diverse voices investigating these concepts.
This book is conceived primarily for advanced undergraduates, graduate students, researchers, and professionals in environmental communication and related fields.  Its scope is international.  As such we are interested in discourses circulating about and around wilderness analyzed from diverse perspectives (i.e., critical, interpretive, social scientific, etc.)
Possible Questions
Taking stock:
·       In the last fifty years how has our relationship to “wilderness” evolved?  What political, social, economic alliances have emerged?
·       What are the current ideas, definitions, etc. of wilderness?
·       What philosophical underpinning of the wilderness act should be revisited and which new ideas need to be developed?
·       What changes in environmental politics became evident over the last 50 years?  How do they shape the public understanding of wilderness and how do they     challenge the words of the wilderness act?
·       What is the role of media in constructing our understanding of wilderness?
·       What stories about wilderness circulate?
·       How is “wilderness” culturally constructed through discourse?
Reflection on wilderness:
·       Why should we care about wilderness?  What’s at stake?
·       How do theoretical positions vis-a-vis the human/nature relationship frame our understanding of wilderness?
·       What 21st century notion(s) of wilderness inform contemporary debates about the use of public lands?
·       What are the limitations and strengths of national and international legal definitions of wilderness? 
·       How does gender, race or ethnicity intersect with manifestations of wilderness?
·       How do other cultures understand wilderness?
Looking forward:
·       Does enforcing wilderness make sense?
·       How do we approach conflict within the context of wilderness?
·       What is the role of advocacy, citizen action, citizen and professional science, government and NGO’s in caring for wilderness?
·       How can a planetary notion of wilderness be conceived, implemented and enforced?
We are especially interested in theoretical or methodological pieces that have practical applications.


Interested contributors should send a biographical sketch (100-150 words) along with an extended abstract (500-1,000) words) that clearly outlines your project. 
All proposals must be received on or before December 1, 2013.