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Call for course assignments
September 30, 2013

Hi all,
Along with Carolyn Day, I am trying to put together a collection of course assignments educators have found successful when teaching concepts of Environmental Communication.  We are working as members of the Committee on Teaching of the Environmental Communication Division (ECD) of the National Communication Association. We are so impressed by the syllabus resources available on the IECA website but would like to begin collecting specific assignments that are used in Environmental Communciation courses to help those new to teaching in the field develop their courses and those who are veterans to mix it up a bit if they'd like.  Our hope is to provide a web space for these assignments on the ECD website.
If you have an assignment prompt available for an exercise that really helped students grasp environmental communication as a discipline or any specific concept we cover in our work, I would greatly appreciate you sending it on.  You certainly will be given credit for sharing your knowledge.  
Thank you in advance for your assistance in this project,
Jessica Prody
Assistant Professor
Performance and Communication Arts
St. Lawrence University
Canton, NY