Learning to Integrate Across Natural and Social Sciences

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Request for proposals
March 20, 2013

SESYNC (să-sink) is dedicated to fostering synthesis that brings together diverse forms of knowledge from the natural and social sciences to generate insights into the behavior and management of interlinked systems of people and nature.

Interdisciplinary Integration: SESYNC seeks proposals that will advance understanding of 1) how undergraduate and graduate students learn to integrate information and concepts across natural and social sciences, particularly in the context of environmental problems, and 2) pedagogies that support the development of this ability. This call for proposals aims to catalyze synthesis research by diverse teams of scholars that will inform classroom practice, educational policies, and curriculum and program development. For more information: http://www.sesync.org/themes/interdisciplinaryintegration

Applications are due no later than 5:00pm EST on March 20, 2013. Details and application guidelines can be found at http://www.sesync.org/2013T6-instructions.

Please feel free to contact David Hawthorne <dhawthorne@sesync.org> or Cynthia Wei <cwei@sesync.org> if you have questions about the RFP or the submission process (at either of their email addresses or at education@sesync.org).

David Hawthorne, PhD- Director of Education and Outreach, SESYNC
Cynthia A. Wei, PhD- Assistant Director of Education and Outreach, SESYNC