Join us in the International Interdisciplinary Conference on Geo- and Environmental Information and Communication - Achieving Sustainability Goals through Knowledge Sharing - Bogota (Colombia), February 6-8, 2013

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Call for Participation
February 6, 2013

Register now for this outstanding conference in Bogota (Colombia)
That should give you the opportunity to

  • Discuss your topics of interest in a unique South American atmosphere
  • Meet international colleagues
  • Take the challenge of finding partners for joint projects in R&D
  • Join in the programs and organizations that are involved
  • Find mutual interest in international student, Ph.D. and post-doc exchange
Among the keynote speakers are experts from various continents, Russia, China, U.S.A. Europe,  and of course from South America.
Prof. Dr. Paulo MENEZES, Rio de Janeiro
“Representing ICA (International Cartographic Association) in the event and to make an approximation of South America Countries to it;
To contact and disseminate the next events form Brazil and ICA, such as ICC 2013, Dresden, Germany; Brazilian Geoprocessing Conference in September 2013 in Rio de Janeiro; Brazilian Congress of Cartography, in São Luiz, MA, Brazil, in October 2013.South American advances in master and doctorate in Geography in the Post-Graduation Program in Geography”
Prof. Dr. Chuang LIU, Beijing
“CODATA task group of Preservation of and Access to Scientific and Technical Data in Developing Countries (PASTD) has dedicated to the capacity building on scientific data in developing countries for ten years. Besides the policy and strategy aspect, establish an open knowledge environment in developing countries has been focused. Taking the Digital LIN Chao Geomuseum, joint effort from IGU, CODATA and GSC (Geographical Society of China), as an example, the presentation demonstrates the inclusive methodology of OKE for geography and the broader society.”
Prof. Dr. Vladimir S. TIKUNOV, Moscow
“We will  established contacts between scientists of Colombia and Russia and with the desire of the two sides will be signed an agreement on cooperation and possible exchange of students.”
One of the various highlights of this conference will be a
Panel on Environmental and Risk Communication
Well known Risk Communication-Expert, Environmentalist and Environmental Education Expert in Latin America
Advisor and Consulting Expert for International Organizations
Well known Scientific Journalist and Academic in Science Communication. Master in Science Communication
of the Boston University. Active in several international Working Groups on Science Communication. Correspondent
for the Network Science and Development  and Free-Lance.

We welcome ESRI Colombia as main sponsor of CEGeoIC conference.
Best regards, meet you in Bogota !