NCA Environmental Communication Divison Call for Submissions

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Call for annual convention submissions
March 28, 2012

NCA Environmental Communication Division Call for Annual Convention Submissions
Convention Location: Orlando, Florida, USA
The deadline to submit proposals is Wednesday, March 28, 2012 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific.  
The Environmental Communication Division of the National Communication Association invites submissions for competitively selected papers, paper sessions and panel discussions that address the relationships between communication theories and practices, and environmental issues. The Division welcomes submissions involving traditional as well as innovative theories, methods, and objects of analysis. We encourage submitters to consider this year’s convention theme, “Celebrate COMMunity”. This theme summons environmental communication scholars to ask, what, in our diversity of methods, theories, voices, concepts, interests, and objects of analysis, makes our research, teaching and service cohere? What gives us a common “home” within our area of study and with the broader community of the communication studies discipline?
The submission of completed papers is encouraged, but paper sessions and panel discussions are also welcome. All submissions to the Environmental Communication Division will be competitively reviewed. During the Division’s Business Meeting at the 2012 convention, Top Papers will be honored at the faculty and student levels.
Also, please consider other means of participating in Orlando. For questions about submitting environmental communication teaching ideas to GIFTS (Great Ideas For Teaching Students), please contact Ross Singer (
All submissions must be made electronically through NCA Submission Central: (
1) Competitive papers should include:
• Title
• Abstract, not exceeding 150 words in length
• Well-developed paper, not exceeding 25 pages, exclusive of references, tables, and figures
Submission notes
Review criteria include: theoretical and analytical rigor, writing quality, topical relevance and timeliness, and overall contribution to environmental communication theory and/or practice.
No information identifying the author may appear on the paper. Remove your name from the title page and the text before uploading your paper to NCA Submission Central.
Authors are highly encouraged to consider the “Scholar-to-Scholar” interactive presentation format, utilizing posters and emphasizing interactive discussion. Please identify the submissions accordingly, by checking the agreement box, if interested in this format.
2) Paper session proposals should include:
• Session title
• Session abstract, not exceeding 250 words
• List of presenters and their affiliations
• Title for each paper on the panel
• Abstract for each contributing paper, not exceeding 75 words
Submission notes
Review criteria include: topical relevance and timeliness of theme, quality of rationale, coherence of the panel, and overall contribution to environmental communication theory and/or practice. Paper sessions that include participants from a variety of institutions are preferred.
The co-sponsoring of sessions is highly encouraged. Please indicate in a brief statement following the session abstract if you would like the panel to be considered for co-sponsoring and identify the co-sponsoring unit. You should only submit your paper session proposal to one unit.
3) Panel discussion proposals should include:
• Title
• Descriptive abstract, not exceeding 75 words
• Rationale, not exceeding 400 words
• List of participants and their affiliations
Questions and suggestions should be directed to the division planner:
Ross Singer, Ph.D.
1100 Lincoln Drive
Mail Code 6605
Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Carbondale, IL 62901
(618) 453-1885