Minding Animals Conference

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Call for conference abstracts
January 15, 2012

Call for Abstracts - Minding Animals Conference, 4-6 July 2012

Abstracts can be submitted via the website (www.uu.nl/hum/mindinganimals) until 15 January 2012. We particularly welcome abstracts for the sessions listed below. (It is also possible to submit abstracts that do not fit in any of the topics mentioned below, as we have reserved slots for open sessions.) More information on these sessions and on how to submit abstracts can be found on the website. See below for more information on the conference.

1. The Human-Animal Relationship

1a.   The animal in art, literature and film.
1b.  Animals in a human society
1c.   The influence of animals on physical and mental health of humans
1d.  Sharing hybrid communities
1e.Communication on animal issues
1f. Educating animal welfare issues
2. Animal Capacities
2a.   Positive emotions in animals
2b.  Higher order cognitive capacities in animals
2c. Capacities and moral status of non-mammalian animals
3. Animal Welfare
3a.   Measuring welfare
3b.  Concepts of animal welfare
3c.   The end of life/ killing animals
3d.  Genetic welfare problems in companion animals
3e.   Domestication and animal welfare
4. Animal Ethics
4a.   The moral relevance of socio-cognitive abilities in animals
4b.  Animals and the harm of death
4c.   Moral concerns beyond animal welfare: changing what animals are
4d.  New developments in animal ethics
4e.   Ethics and law
5. Animals and Sustainability
5a.   Farm animal welfare in sustainability: rebalancing people, planet and profit?
5b.  Animal resilience
5c.   Animal movements and migrations
5d.  Sustainability aspects of the human-animal interaction beyond the animal
6. Animals and Public Policy
6a.   Political philosophy and the representation of animals in politics
6b.  Context-dependency of duties of care to animals?
6c.   The relevance of stakeholder-relations and stakeholder involvement for the development of measures to safeguard animal welfare
6d.  Animal welfare – the veterinarian’s role