Seminal Texts in Environmental Communication Research, best short introductions to the field

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1.1 (July 2018)
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Gabriele Hadl
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Results of an informal survey of IECA members, summer 2018.

1. What would you consider a seminal text in our field overall?
Cox, Robert, 2013, Environmental communication and the public sphere (3rd ed), Sage.
Hansen, Anders, 2010, Environment, Media and Communication, Routledge.
Maxwell, Richard, Raundalen, Jon and Vestberg, Nina Lager. eds., 2015, Media and the Environmental Crisis, Routledge.
Corbett, Julia, 2006, Communicating nature, Island Press.
Stibbe, Arran, 2012, Animals Erased, Wesleyan.
Klockner, Christian A., 2015, The psychology of pro-environmental communication, Palgrave.
Arnold, Annika,  2018,  Climate Change and Storytelling: Narratives and Cultural Meaning in Environmental Communication, Palgrave
Anderson, Alison, 2013, Media, culture and the environment, Routledge
Hansen, Anders and Cox, Robert eds., 2015, The Routledge Handbook of Environment and Communication, Routledge. (several articles by IECA members)

Maxwell, Richard and Miller, Toby, 2012, Greening the Media, Routledge

2. What is the best short introduction to environmental communication research (in an encyclopedia,  handbook, etc.)?
 Milstein, Tema,  2009, “Environmental Communication Theories”, in Encyclopedia of Communication Theory, eds. Littlejohn, Steven and Foss, Karen A., Sage.
 Gunster, Shane,  2017,  “Engaging climate communication: audiences, frames, values and norms” in Journalism and Climate Crisis eds. Robert A. Hackett, Susan Forde, Shane Gunster, Kerrie Foxwell-Norton, Routledge.
Meisner, Mark, 2015, “Environmental Communication: What it is and Why it Matters”,

3. Recommended reads in related/overlapping fields

McGaurr, Lyn, 2015, Environmental Communication and Travel Journalism: Consumerism, Conflict and Concern, Routledge
Peters, John Durham, 2016, The Marvelous Clouds: Toward a Philosophy of Elemental Media, U. Chicago Press.
Parr, Adrian, 2012, Hijacking Sustainability, MIT Press.
Heneghan, Liam, 2018, Beasts at Bedtime: Revealing the Environmental Wisdom in Children’s Literature, U. Chicago Press.
Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing, 2017,The Mushroom at the End of the World: On the Possibility of Life in Capitalist Ruins, Princeton UP.
Haraway, Donna, 2016, Staying with the Trouble: Making Kin in the Chthulucene
Kohn, Eduardo, 2013, How Forests Think: Toward an Anthropology Beyond the Human, UCP.
Zalasiewicz, Jan a.o. 2017 “Making the case for a formal Anthropocene Epoch: an analysis of ongoing critiques”, Newsletters on Stratigraphy, Volume 50, Number 2, April 2017, pp. 205-226(22)
Oreskes, Naomi, and Conway, Eric M.,  2011, Merchants of Doubt
Rob Nixon, 2013, Slow Violence and the Environmentalism of the Poor