Suzanne Chew publishes "Little Climate: We Need To Talk about Climate Disruption"

IECA member Suzanne Chew has published an interactive, digital book of over a hundred climate cartoons which has received positive reviews from a wide range of development practitioners. From the description: 

Based on the United Nations climate reports and published scientific papers, these cartoons take the reader through the science of climate disruption, our forecasted futures, positive progress that we can already see, and showcase a wide range of solutions and opportunities within reach. Saving the world whilst laughing in the face of adversity? There’s no better way to start!

This book is offered free for communicators and educators to encourage the dissemination of basic climate knowledge of climate science, impacts and solutions. It's published as part of Suzanne's initiative Little Climate, which focuses on communicating climate change in creative ways to empower climate action.

This resource would be particularly relevant for schools and climate outreach initiatives – please feel free to share this with relevant groups which may find it helpful. 

Check out the website to download the book:

Independent book review: