Robert Hackett, Shane Gunster and Kerrie Foxwell-Norton have a new book on Journalism and Climate Crisis

IECA members Robert A. Hackett, Shane Gunster and Kerrie Foxwell-Norton, along with Susan Forde, have published Journalism and Climate Crisis: Public Engagement, Media Alternatives.

Here's the book description: 

This book enquires into which approaches to journalism, as a particularly important form of public communication, can best enable humanity to productively address climate crisis. The book combines selective overviews of previous research, normative enquiry (what should journalism be doing?) and original empirical case studies of environmental communication and media coverage in Australia and Canada. Bringing together perspectives from the fields of environmental communication and journalism studies, the authors argue for forms of journalism that can encourage public engagement and mobilization to challenge the powerful interests vested in a high-carbon economy – ‘facilitative’ and ‘radical’ roles particularly well-suited to alternative media and alternative journalism. Ultimately, the book argues for a fundamental rethinking of relationships between journalism, publics, democracy and climate crisis.

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Table of Contents:

Introduction: Journalism for Climate Crisis (Hackett, Forde, Gunster, Foxwell-Norton)

1. Democracy, Climate Crisis and Journalism: Normative Touchstones (Hackett)

2. Engaging Climate Communication: Audiences, Frames, Values and Norms (Gunster)

3. Environmental Protest, Politics and Media Interactions: An Overview (Forde)

4. From Frames to Paradigms: Civic Journalism, Peace Journalism and Alternative Media (Hackett)

5. Contesting Conflict? Efficacy, Advocacy and Alternative Media in British Columbia (Gunster)

6. Australian Independent News Media and Climate Change Reporting: The Case of COP21 (Foxwell-Norton)

7. Alternative Approaches to Environment Coverage in the Digital Era: The Guardian's 'Keep It In The Ground' Campaign (Forde)

Conclusion: Media Reform for Climate Action (Hackett)