Christian A. Klöckner publishes book, The Psychology of Pro-Environmental Communication

IECA member Christian A. Klöckner from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology has a new book that's just out. The Psychology of Pro-Environmental Communication: Beyond Standard Information Strategies is published by Palgrave MacMillan. Here is the description:

The environment is part of everyone's life, but the degree to which there is public disagreement and uncertainty about issues like climate change shows that there are difficulties in communicating these complex environmental problems to a lay audience. There are also further challenges in moving from communication to instigating actual behaviour change in this audience. In The Psychology of Pro-Environmental Communication, Christian Klöckner defines environmental communication and provides a comprehensive and up-to-date summary of the possibilities and limitations involved. This book draws on psychological theories as well as empirical findings to illustrate the links that can be made between environmental, social, cognitive, and marketing psychologies; communication theory and real life examples. Bringing together the research in environmental psychology and environmental communication, this book highlights established and innovative intervention techniques that can be used to improve and encourage pro-environmental behaviour.