Tema Milstein receives Presidential Teaching Award at UNM

Associate Professor Tema Milstein (PhD University of Washington) has been named Presidential Teaching Fellow at the University of New Mexico. The lifetime achievement award is the highest teaching recognition for tenured faculty at the state’s flagship university. Milstein received the award based largely on her teaching in environmental and ecocultural communication and her interdisciplinary transformative pedagogy model of the inside-out classroom. Previous to this award, Milstein received the pretenure Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award at UNM. She will serve the university as Fellow through 2017, and retain the title afterward. As Fellow, Milstein is responsible for ensuring teaching excellence by sharing her expertise with the university community. Pictured is Milstein's Ecocultural Communication class perched on top of the petroglyph mesa on the west side of Albuquerque (Sandia Mountains in the background).