Chris Russill edits "Earth Observing Media" issue of CJC

Chris Russill recently guest edited a special issue of The Canadian Journal of Communication on the topic of "Earth Observing Media."

Canadian Journal of Communication

Vol 38, No 3 (2013): Earth-Observing Media

Table of Contents

Guest Editorial


Earth-Observing Media

        Chris Russill



Earth Observation and Signal Territories: Studying U.S. Broadcast

Infrastructure through Historical Network Maps, Google Earth, and Fieldwork

        Lisa Parks

Romancing the Drone: Military Desire and Anthropophobia from SAGE to Swarm

        Jeremy Packer,  Josh Reeves

The Digital Globe as Climatic Coming Attraction: From Theatrical Release to

Theatre of War

        Leon Gurevitch

Sonar: Empire, Media, and the Politics of Underwater Sound

        John Shiga

Logistical Media: Fragments from Radar’s Prehistory

        Judd A. Case

Precision Targets: GPS and the Militarization of Everyday Life

        Caren Kaplan,   Erik Loyer,     Ezra Claytan Daniels

Forecast Earth: Hole, Index, Alert
Chris Russill