IECA Educator Fellows ask you to help us build the list of current EC course syllabi--YOU CAN HELP!

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EC Colleagues: I am part of the IECA Educator Fellows initiative, a group that has been tapped to enhance resources for EC educators at the K-12, college/university, and community levels. For more information about the Fellows, see

I am reaching out with a specific request--help us update and grow the list of syllabi for EC-related undergraduate and graduate courses that is currently posted on the IECA web site under the "resources," "courses" tab. This area is available for members and non-members alike. See

Specifically, here is the ask--

*If you are NOT a current IECA member and would like to share your most recent syllabus publicly, send me a copy of the syllabus ( and I will make sure it gets posted for others to see.

*If you ARE a current IECA member and HAVE NOT contributed a course in the past, log into the IECA site, then go to the "courses" page, go to the bottom of the first page and click on the "post a course" button and provide information and upload the syllabus fire as indicated.

*If you ARE a current IECA member and HAVE contributed a course in the past, log into the IECA site, then go to the "courses" page and find your course or courses (courses are listed alpha by course title). Click on the title of the course(s) you contributed, then when it appears, click on the "edit" tab and provide updated information as indicated, along with uploading the most recent version of the syllabus.

Let's see if we can get to 100 current syllabi by the end of this semester, if not sooner.

Stay tuned for more ways you can get involved to help the IECA Educator Fellows build an affinity group of EC educators via a blog and other tools in the months to come!!!


About the Author: 

Steve Depoe is a founding member and first president of the IECA (2011-13). He is currently leading the IECA Educator Fellows group.